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"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities."
Jean Houston

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Dr. Oz explains why we laugh, burning calories with laughter and the yogic breathwork involved on The Dr. Oz Show. Watch his demonstration of the Laughter Yoga exercise, "ho, ho, ha, ha, ha". He begins after brief discussion of migraines.
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Laughter Yoga for Seniors, 80 and Over

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary way for older people to release energy and adapt to their surroundings. "Laughter is the best medicine".

This group of octogenarians meet with Activities Director, Francine Shore, for their weekly laughter yoga session.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Public Access T.V. Hosted by Dr. Bernard Starr
Laughing Away Stress
        Aug. 16, 2010                                
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World Laughter Day 2010
on CNN News

Laughter Yoga enthusiasts around the world gather to promote World Peace through laughter and to celebrate the many gifts we receive from laughing together.
The New Yorker Magazine publishes a 6 pg. article on the Laughter Yoga Movement and posts this video capsul of the article on Aug. 23, 2010:
Learning To Laugh

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The Oprah  Winfrey Show and
Dancing With The Stars

Effectively using Laughter Yoga as a wonderfully fun way to eliminate stress.  LY Master Teacher, Jeffrey Briar, invites Oprah"s makeup artist to a Laughter Yoga class and helps Harry Hamlin to release his anxiety while competing on Dancing With The Stars.

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Mandie's article on Laughter Yoga, 'Striking A Positive Pose',  appears in the spring 2011 issue of MS Focus magazine.

The magazine is published through the
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

The spring issue concentrates on the physical and psychological health benefits of laughter. Articles were contributed by a variety of professionals: a Comedian, a Psychologist & Pepperdine University Professor, a Naturopathic Doctor and Laughter Yoga Teacher, Mandie Navarro.

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