Benefits of Laughter Yoga

1. Personal Life
Develops sense of humor, self-confidence and optimism.

2. Business Life
Energizes, supports team building, positive mental attitude, less stress and illness.

3. Health Benefits
Powerful cardio workout, strengthens immune system, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar and is a natural painkiller.
LY in the Media

This innovative concept has a worldwide following, and has been featured by many popular publications like TIME Magazine, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Daily Telegraph (UK) among others.

Laughter Yoga has appeared on popular Television programs: Oprah Winfrey Show, Jessica Simpson's the Price of Beauty, Discovery Channel, BBC, CNN, ABC News, The Dr. Oz Show, Dancing With The Stars and many others around the world.

Join Us For A Good Laugh
Laughter Yoga in Dallas - Fort Worth, changing lives: Mandie Navarro is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher for the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas area. Mandie leads classes for people of all ages and physical abilities and is also a motivational speaker.

How often do you have a really good laugh? If you're like most adults you laugh maybe 15 times a day, but when you were a child you laughed more than 300 times a day and you felt great! Laughter does the body and mind good and it truly is the best medicine. Check out our Research page for amazing results from  laughter studies conducted in medical and scientific institutions.

A laughter Yoga Leader provides laughter therapy to seniors, medical facilities, businesses, schools and anyone who wants to feel healthier and happier.

Laughter releases healing endorphins, reduces pain, reduces stress and increases productivity. Laughter enhances creativity and promotes a more joyful feeling and overall sense of well-being.
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Laughter Yoga
on BBC News

Monty Python's, John Cleese, visits Mumbai, India to experience Laughter Yoga with a laughter club for a BBC Special Health News Report on the benefits of laughter.
Welcome to the Premier Laughter Yoga School in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.
We specialize in leading Laughter Yoga classes, training future Laughter Yoga Leaders and organizing Laughter Clubs.
Laughter Yoga
at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Laughter Yoga helps patients cope & recover at this Houston, Texas Cancer Center